Lesson 147 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to reflect; to think; to consider; to meditate

2) v. to provide something that is needed or desired; to furnish; to equip; to make up for; to compensate for; to substitute for temporarily

3) v. to apply force or weight; to push; to stress

4) v. to bring from another place; to bring goods from a foreign country; to signify; to imply; to be important; to be significant

5) v. to plan; to mean; to have in mind do or accomplish; to designate for a particular purpose

6) v. to arrange; to order; to systematize; to establish; to set up; to unite; to compile; to structure

7) v. to make equal

8) v. to make changes in order to improve something; to edit; to correct; to produce an updated or corrected version

9) v. to slope; to tilt; to bend; to bow; to lean; to be disposed; to tend toward; to gravitate; to slant; to cause to bend; to influence

10) v. to be worthy of; to have a right to

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