Lesson 151 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to reclose with a cap; to replace a cap; to put new treads onto a tire; to recapitulate; to summarize; to review with a short summary

2) v. to hold superior; to appoint; to nominate; to like better; to promote; to advance; to bring before (a judge, governor, etc.)

3) v. to endanger; to imperil; to dare; to venture

4) v. to reveal; to uncover; to disclose; to abandon

5) v. to protect; to guard from harm

6) v. to deliver a discourse before an audience; to reprimand tediously

7) v. to draft into military service; to voluntarily join a cause

8) v. to suggest; to recommend; to tender; to make an offer of marriage

9) v. to display; to begin to pursue a certain goal or direction; to undertake; to attempt; to begin a journey; to lay out in a systematical fashion; to arrange; to plant

10) v. to repay; to refund; to compensate for a loss; to repay for an expense

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