Lesson 153 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. honesty; uprightness; morality; wholeness; unity; unimpaired condition

2) n. roundish stain; speck; place; awkward or difficult situation; predicament; specific location; area; stain on one's reputation; blemish; pimple (British); spotlight

3) v. to weigh; to gauge; to quantify; to assess; to evaluate; to estimate; to allocate

4) n. minium amount of money and liquid assests set by the central banking system of the U.S.

5) v. to join; to connect; to associate with; to relate to

6) v. to equip; to outfit with supplies

7) v. to go on holiday

8) v. to place between other things; to throw into the center of; to interpolate; to insert a remark or comment in the middle of a conversation

9) adj. unbelievable; inconceivable; improbable; unlikely; fabulous; great; amazing

10) v. to transmit over the radio; to publicize; to advertise

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