Lesson 161 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to raise an opinion; to adjust the tone of

2) v. to affect strongly; to emphasize; to stamp; to make a mark using pressure

3) v. to go regularly to (a certain place); to patronize

4) v. to display; to demonstrate; to bestow; to grant; to give; to offer; to serve; to hold out; to show; to exhibit

5) v. to transfer control from governmental to individual powers

6) v. helping verb for use in a question; request or expression of desire (used to make the statement more polite)

7) v. to accuse; to admonish

8) v. to enlarge; to add to; to multiply; to raise; to intensify; to make bigger; to heighten

9) v. to manage in spite of difficulty; to struggle successfully

10) v. to evolve; to make to progress; to grow professionally; to develop; to speed

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