Lesson 163 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. crop; harvest; return; produce; income; profit

2) n. point of v iew; facet; appearence; outlook; direction; issue; point

3) n. emotional link; emotional bond; connection; confiscation; court-ordered seizure of property or money; annexation; attached file; file that is sent along with an email message

4) n. person who is employed by a government to gather information on other countries; secret agent; person who secretly investigates and gathers information about other people

5) adj. firm; solid; real; wealthy; influential; important; considerable; sizeable; ample

6) v. to cause to lose heart; to deter; to dissuade; to show disapproval of; to derail

7) v. to further; to advance; to advance in rank or position; to foster sales through advertising; to encourage sales; to aid; to help; to assist; to obtain through trickery

8) n. management of resources (i.e. money, goods, etc.); thrift; careful spending; the structure of economic life in a country, area, or period

9) v. to pull back; to remove from; to take money from the bank; to take back; to retire; to depart; to remove; to take out

10) v. to divide; to split

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