Lesson 169 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to grind the teeth together; to abrade; to grind; to make a harsh grinding noise

2) n. substitution; substitute

3) adj. unusual; exceptional; unique; particular; limited; highly valued

4) v. to move backward; to go back; to go back to a former state; to return to a previous condition

5) n. product of the division of one number by another; part of a whole; segment; fragment; quotient

6) n. computerized representation of an actual object (Computers)

7) n. view; vista; panorama; set; backdrop used onstage to portray a particular setting or locale

8) v. to invite; to speak loudly; to shout; to visit; to speak over the telephone

9) n. pausing; stammering; faltering

10) adj. chosen for office but net yet formally installed

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