Lesson 177 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. word; expression; idiom; semester; specified time period; condition; stipulation (e.g. the terms of an agreement)

2) n. earnings; financial gain; benefit; avail; financial income; advantage; privilege

3) n. person of group of people that runs and adminsters a business or other enterprise

4) n. condition; phase; mood; emotional condition; splendor; overly excited or distressed; nation; internally autonomous territorial or political unit joined with others under a sovereign government

5) n. magazine; journal

6) n. car; wagon; coach; carriage; trolley

7) n. traveler; fare; person who rides or travels

8) n. postponement; hindrance; hold-up; stopping; lingering

9) n. incentive; drive; inspiration; state of being stirred to action

10) n. shelves used to store books printed items

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