Lesson 181 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. outcome; compensation; counterbalance; printing method in which a printing plate transfers ink to a blanket which in turn transfers the ink to the paper (the plate does not directly touch the paper)

2) n. person who belongs to an organization or group; part; organ

3) adj. brief; blunt; rude

4) n. formal approval; proof; verification; religious ceremony

5) v. to appear; to come out; to be revealed

6) n. picture or design used as a background for the other images in a graphical user interface (Computers)

7) n. situation; requirement; circumstance; stipulation; part of a contract; state of health; social position; rank

8) adv. therefore; so

9) v. to describe; to illustrate; to characterize; to portray; to elucidate

10) n. adjacency; nearness; closeness; vicinity

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