Lesson 183 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to fulfill; to meet a request or requirement; to compensate; to remunerate

2) v. to postpone; to hinder; to linger; to move slowly; to loiter

3) v. to remove matter floating on the surface of a liquid; to glide on or just above a surface; to glance through quickly; to cause an object to skip across the surface of a liquid

4) v. to confirm to be true; to authorize

5) v. to make an application; to enter; to let something or someone enter

6) v. to offer at lower prices than the competition; to cut off the underpart; to slice the ball from underneath (Golf, Tennis); to weaken; to undermine

7) v. to act as an agent on behalf of a person or organization; to symbolize; to stand for; to depict; to represent; to portray

8) v. to incline; to slant upward or downward; to cause to tilt

9) v. to identify; to acknowledge; to know; to admit; to acknowledge as true

10) v. to worry; to cause concern; to annoy; to bother; to cause discomfort; to disturb

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