Lesson 189 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. leaving; sailing; traveling to another country

2) adj. enough; adequate

3) adj. not relevant; beside the point; unconnected; impertinent; immaterial

4) adj. exacting; choosy; finicky; ornate; full of excessive detail; nagging; annoying

5) adj. hard; troublesome; complicated; complex; causing difficulty

6) adj. motivating; stimulating; animating; encouraging; provoking; breathing in; inhaling

7) adj. having a thin edge intended for cutting; not blunt; pointed; sudden; having a strong pungent taste or smell; shrill; high-pitched; caustic; biting; clear; smart; pitched half a step higher (Music)

8) adj. not functional; not practical

9) adj. irregular; fitful; occasional; infrequent

10) adj. distant, located far away; secluded; isolated; distant in time or relation; aloof; standoffish; operated by remote control; slight; unlikely

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