Lesson 19 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. citizenship; quality of being part of a particular nation; patriotism; national ownership (of property)

2) n. mode; fashion; style; behavior; way; type; kind

3) n. graph; diagram

4) n. cereal; seed; granule; plants producing grain; particle; small portion of; texture; weave

5) n. caption beneath an illustration

6) n. attraction; closeness; liking; likeness

7) n. sovereignty; royal status or power; kingdom; domain; realm; member of a royal family; percentage of profits paid to an artist for each copy of his work that is sold

8) n. car; vehicle; ride

9) n. pouch used to carry objects; sac; saccule; underground deposit of oil

10) n. necessity; requirement; shortage of an indispensable item; distress; hardship

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