Lesson 193 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. bank deposists that are available on a short-term basis; treasury bills

2) n. slide; skid; trip; stumble; mistake; blunder; error; type of woman's undergarment; small piece of material (esp. paper); twig that is cut and used to grow a new plant; mixture of clay and water (used to decorate pottery); fabric covering

3) n. denouncement; revealing; photograph; abandoning; placement

4) n. degree of difference; step or degree in a graduated scale; (British) promotion of a student to a higher grade

5) n. getting rid of; arranging

6) n. opposition; act of fighting against; act of withstanding the effects of; quality of a conductor which resists an electrical current (Electricity); underground organization in an occupied country which fights against the occupying forces

7) n. place where goods and baggage are examined on entering a country; government department responsible for collecting taxes on imports

8) n. anticipation; longing or waiting for; hope

9) n. act of separating into parts; partitioning; basic mathematical operation in which one number is divided by another; department; faculty; ranking; level according to difficulty; group of soldiers that form a distinct tactical unit within a squadron

10) n. printed form that entitles the holder to certain rights such as in a discount

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