Lesson 199 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. descening

2) adj. made of a thin flexible cord of metal; resembling wire

3) adj. bothersome; troublesome; worrisome; harassing

4) adj. worthy of adoration; impressive; wonderful; marvelous

5) adj. content; self-satisfied; comfortable; smug

6) adj. legitimate; legally acceptable; not expired; based; logical; well-founded

7) adj. chosen; picked out; choice; superior; prime; discriminating; choosy; picky

8) adj. end; extremity; closing; concluding; final; mortal; incurable

9) adj. pertaining to or characteristic of a city; living in a city; municipal

10) adj. solemn; grave; acute; critical; important; requiring much consideration; humorless; grim

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