Lesson 20 - TOEFL Structure

1) Snow aids farmers by keeping heat in the lower ground levels, thereby _____ from freezing.

2) _____ mineral content in the bones of very young children is low compared to that of adults.

3) _____, the silvery-checked hornbill chooses a hollow tree for a nest and seals herself in until her chicks are grown.

4) A floodplain is an extension of a river channel, _____ not inundated except during a flood.

5) Even though John F. Kennedy failed to receive the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nomination in 1956, _____ won their nomination for President in 1960.

6) Since Tampa has a mild winter climate, _____ as a tourist resort.

7) Cosmetics, rarely noted today for any dangerous properties, have been _____ for serious health problems in the past.

8) The United States Congress made Washington, D.C., _____ in 1800.

9) Astronomer Maria Mitchell was the first woman _____ to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

10) _____ of staging a play that help the audience understand its structure and meaning

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