Lesson 203 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to arrange according to dimension

2) v. to name; to call; to designate

3) v. to make plans for; to formulate; to create; to conceive; to think up; to intend; to produce; to conceptualize

4) v. to mirror; to send back a mirror image; to send back energy from a surface; to send back; to cause to return; to express; to give a particular impression; to contemplate; to think

5) v. to stay; to abide; to continue; to go on

6) v. to reconstruct; to erect again

7) v. to pack; to wrap; to create attractive packaging in order to promote the sale of an item; to combine things together as one inseparable unit

8) v. to protect; to secure; to vindicate

9) v. to supervise; to observe; to follow up on; to check up on; to regulate the quality of radio or television broadcasts; to keep track of; to regulate

10) v. to change; to shift; to exchange; to trade; to turn on or off

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