Lesson 205 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. awareness; concentration; ability to concentrate on an issue

2) n. act of measuring and recording the characteristics of a plot of land; land survey report (often in the form of a map); review; overview; statistical study

3) v. to speak or act in a rude or contemptuous manner; to offend; to affront

4) v. to require; to compel; to force upon; to enforce; to institute

5) adj. answering; reacting (esp. positively or sympathetically); characterized by singing or reading in alternation

6) n. model; ideal; mold; form; example; pattern

7) adj. select; fine; excellent

8) adj. using numbers; with numbers; based on digits

9) v. to oppose; to protest

10) v. to eternalize; to make everlasting; to preserve from extinction

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