Lesson 21 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to fill with water and sink; to fall; to fail; to stumble; to cause to sink

2) v. to examine; to make an analysis; to break down into parts and study (as in a subject)

3) v. to accommodate; to house; to enter (a plane, ship, bus, etc.)

4) v. to convert an object or image into a digital image using an optical scanner (Computers); to browse; to glance at quickly; to examine a body part through the use of medical imaging techniques (Medicine); to determine the meter of a verse

5) v. to enter information into a chart; to postpone; to set aside for future consideration

6) v. to situate; to place; to identify; to find; to settle

7) v. to take a picture; to produce an image using a photographic process

8) v. to schedule; to plan; to write a system of operating instructions for a computer (Computers); to supply a computer or other machine with a set of pre-written instructions

9) v. to choose; to select; to pluck; to pull out; to tear out; to peck; to strike with a sharp instrument

10) v. must (indicating duty or obligation); would (softening the statment); would be (expressing the conditional nature of the connected statement)

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