Lesson 211 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to put to practical use; to take advantage of

2) v. to realize; to bring into being; to make a reality; to accomplish; to to complete; to gratify; to satisfy; to execute

3) v. to satisfy; to please; to meet a request

4) v. to hunt for; to look for; to investigate; to examine; to penetrate; to conduct an examination or investigation

5) v. to provide with the required supplies, tools and items

6) v. to specialize in a certain fiel d

7) v. to take a cruise; to travel; to make a journey

8) v. to disregard; to overlook; to refuse to recognize; to reject

9) v. to segregate; to set apart; to split; to divide; to disconnect; to detach; to distinguish; to partition; to be taken apart; to be set apart; to be divided; to withdraw

10) v. to raise; to push; to urge; to lift

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