Lesson 213 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. weather conditions; surrounding conditions; atmosphere; setting

2) n. choice; instance of choosing; assortment; collection of items available to choose; option; state of being chosen

3) n. temporary stop; standstill; break or pause in a march or journey

4) n. inhabitant; one who lives in a particular location; doctor who is training in a medical specialty; diplomat who lives in a foreign court

5) n. awareness; perception

6) n. ability of the mind to create mental images which do not exist in reality; creation of such mental images

7) n. ball; sphere; planet Earth; world

8) n. law; custom; common practice; government; flat tool used for measuring distances

9) n. effect; impact; action of a person or thing which affects another; person or thing which has power to affect others

10) n. small retail store; studio; workshop; room or building in which skilled manual work is done; business; office; room in a school equipped to train students in the industrial arts

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