Lesson 221 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. product which can rot or spoil (fruit, food etc.)

2) n. agreement; settling of a disagreement by making mutual concessions

3) n. corporation; firm; ensemble; association with another

4) n. degree of diversity; change; modified version (as of a musical piece); deviation

5) n. test; quiz; series of questions designed to gauge a person's knowledge of a particular subject; investigation; inquiry

6) n. distance that an arm can extend

7) n. something which escapes or passes through a hole or opening (i.e. liquid, gas, etc.); act of leaking; leak

8) n. instance of jogging or moving quickly; distance; range; journey; trip; track; path; series; sequence; tear in a nylon stocking; aggressive effort

9) n. range; extent; sphere; area; space; expanse; opportunity or room for action and thought

10) n. piece of long fiction with a plot and characters; story

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