Lesson 223 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to demand; to claim; to need; to call for; to have need for; to order; to command; to necessitate; to compel

2) v. to meet by chance; to face; to meet with (difficulties, hardships, etc.)

3) v. to join with; to connect to; to become attached to

4) v. to impose a tax or fine; to conscript troops

5) v. to fasten; to link to; to add; to ascribe to; to connect to

6) v. to exchange; to replace; to convert; to travel back and forth regularly (i.e. to work)

7) v. to unite; to join; to come together; to become one

8) v. to reduce; to lessen; to decline

9) v. to govern; to control; to determine; to decide; to decree; to mark with lines using a ruler

10) v. to choose; to pick out

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