Lesson 225 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. messenger; person who carries a message or goes an errand; company that delivers messages, documents, parcels, etc.

2) n. danger; risk; game of chance

3) adj. rational; reasonable; wise; judicious; cognizant; aware; able to be perceived; perceptive; able to perceive; considerable; appreciable

4) adj. secured in a warehouse

5) n. small container for documents; tool for synchronizing files between two computers

6) n. the sale of all or most of a company's inventory or assests to another company

7) v. to express in a fluent and clear manner

8) n. change of residence; action; repositioning of a game piece; turn in a game; formal request or proposition

9) n. upkeep; repairs; livelihood; means of support

10) adj. allowed; eligible; having the right to something

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