Lesson 228 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. rectangular traveling bag; valise

2) v. to stop; to discontinue; to disturb; to bring a conversation to a halt

3) n. metal clip for binding papers; basic food item; essential element; main crop or product of a region; trade item that is constantly in demand; fiber (of wool, cotton, etc.)

4) n. pullover; warm long-sleeve knit shirt; one that sweats; something that induces sweating; employer who underpays his employees

5) conj. despite; in spite of

6) v. to show how (people or things) are alike or different; to consider to be similar

7) adj. having a degree or diploma; concerning studies beyond a bachelor's degree

8) n. competition

9) n. principle; basis; essential

10) n. speed; haste; sudden increase in activity or speed; any species of marsh grass from the genus Juncus

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