Lesson 23 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) abbr. graduate with a doctorate; graduate of a doctoral program; university degree; title

2) abbr. head manager of a company or large organization

3) abbr. treasurer; person who is responsible for all financial aspects of a company

4) abbr. Latin for and so on; and so forth

5) abbr. that is to say (Latin), for example; for instance

6) abbr. period of about 30 days or 4 weeks, 1/12 of a year, period of complete revolution of the moon around the earth (i.e. January, February, March, etc.)

7) abbr. Chief Information Officer; person who is responsible for a company's internal information systems

8) abbr. actions of promoting goodwill and distributinginformation for a company or organization

9) abbr. morning; time before noon; hours between midnight and noon

10) abbr. used at the end of the list of subjects to be discussed at a meeting or conference

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