Lesson 233 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. more distant; additional

2) adj. plentiful; copious; profuse; full abounding with

3) adj. common; popular; extensive; prevalent

4) adj. unyielding; firm; hard; unbending

5) adj. singular; matchless; rare

6) adj. intended for inhabitation; occupied with homes

7) adj. capable of living; having a reasonable chance of succeeding; practical; having the ability to survive outside the uterus (of a fetus)

8) adj. appropriate; fitting; well-timed; timely; proper; expedient

9) adj. reciprocal; done in response to a previous action; repeated; recurring; used to come back; used for returning; sent back; given back

10) adj. pertaining to the commercial center of a city

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