Lesson 235 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to confuse; to make hard to understand; to to make difficult; to make complex

2) v. to keep busy; to occupy; to employ; to attract; to commit; to bind (to fulfill an obligation); to enter in a fight

3) v. to celebrate

4) v. to cut into portions; to cut off from; to make a cut in; to cut into; to cleave; to move quickly through

5) v. to limit; to restrict; to contract; to lessen in width; to taper

6) v. to devote to; to set apart for; to inscribe (a book, poem, song, story etc.) to someone

7) v. to manage; to supervise; to implement; to execute; to supply; to dispense

8) v. to perform; to carry out; to put into practice

9) v. to give a cost to something

10) v. to cause not to happen; to avert; to delay; to impede; to hinder

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