Lesson 237 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to perform; to do; to engage; to execute; to offer; to pledge (one's loyalty, etc.); to be obliged; to give; to entrust

2) v. to fail after starting well; to make a hissing noise which gradually fades into silence

3) v. to reap; to gather in ripe crops; to catch; to gather

4) n. indicator; something used to point; hand on a clock; clue; advice; hunting dog

5) adj. free; autonomous; self-governing; sovereign; self-reliant; self-sufficient

6) n. pillow; soft padded object

7) conj. up to the time which

8) adj. additional; extra

9) n. survey; general study; examination; inspection

10) n. supplementary charge; additional charge; amount paid for insurance; prize; reward; tuition

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