Lesson 243 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to assign too low a value to

2) v. to utilize; to take advantage of; to practice; to employ; to exploit; to treat; to consume

3) v. to esteem; to regard highly; to raise the value; to become more valuable

4) v. to communicate data to; to tell; to brief; to apprise; to notify; to tell on; to inspire; to animate

5) v. to tempt or tease by presenting something as available and then withholding it

6) v. to produce; to design; to make; to manufacture

7) v. to add (Mathematics); to summarize

8) v. to imply; to suggest; to hint

9) v. to straighten; to flatten; to make even; to equalize; to adjust two or more things so they are level with each other; to direct; to be open and honest; to be frank

10) v. to assume; to anticipate; to hope

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