Lesson 245 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to disregard; to ignore; to reduce the price of; to mark down; to give a discount

2) v. to investigate

3) v. to aid; to help; to support; to guide; to direct

4) v. to make easy; to assist; to forward; to promote; to expedite

5) v. to choose; to select from several options; to conclude; to rule; to resolve; to make a decision

6) v. to expend; to disburse; to put out (money, resources, etc.); to pass the time in a particular manner; to use; to use up; to exhaust; to waste; to squander

7) v. to classify; to group; to categorize; to systematize; to structure; to put in order

8) v. to put away for future use

9) v. to repeat; to say again; to restate

10) v. to arrange in a line; to arrange in a row; to grade; to classify; to assign a rank

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