Lesson 249 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. supervisor; device for regulating (esp. the transmission quality of radio and television broadcasts); screen, device that produces the visual display (Computers); one who oversees; inspector; that which warns or cautions

2) n. transgressor; person who breaks the law; one who insults

3) n. punctuation mark indicating a break in a sentence; hyphen; bit; drop; pinch; rush; sprint; onset; race; vigor; spirit

4) n. slope; grade; slant

5) n. flat; living area consisting of several rooms such as a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a hall, etc.

6) n. small globule of liquid; drip; very small amount; pendant; piece of candy; lozenge; act of dropping supplies from a plane; sudden descent; fall

7) n. period of one hundred years

8) n. working together; cooperation

9) n. plan; goal; aim; objective; meaning; significance

10) n. article, thing; goal; focus of a thought or action; (Grammar) recipient of action; (Computers) image or part of a document that can be embedded within another document; (in OOP) self-contained unit of data with its own built-in procedures

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