Lesson 257 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. neglect; disregard, carelessness; failure to provide the necessary provision for (Law)

2) n. state of perfection; state of highest quality; state of prosperity; springtime; childhood; dawn; sunrise; prime number; number that is not divisible by any number except itself and 1 (Mathematics)

3) n. system used to place one event in relation to another (such as past vs. present, yesterday vs. today); period; era; hour; rate

4) n. applicant; nominee; examinee

5) n. rubble; ruins; wreckage; fragments

6) n. stability; consistency; continuousness; unbroken succession

7) n. way of life

8) n. money (in a bank account), money (from a bank or other source); trust; confidence; importance; respect; points earned (through study)

9) n. limit; border

10) n. host; performer; comedian

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