Lesson 259 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to hold at bay; to gain advantage on the market; to approach; to catch; to trap

2) v. to advertise; to bring to the attention of a large audience

3) v. to counsel; to offer guidance; to notify; to inform; to give advice

4) v. to make an error; to be wrong; to confuse

5) v. to supervise; to manage; to inspect

6) v. to act as a middleman; to buy and to sell property for other people

7) v. to make or alter a garment; to create or adapt for a particular need or desire

8) v. to pack; to crate; to box

9) v. to lease; to rent; to employ

10) v. to stretch; to pull out to its greatest possible length; to enlarge; to lengthen; to give; to bestow; to reach out

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