Lesson 261 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. occurring once within 12 months

2) adj. advanced; ahead; eager; ready; impudent; brash; frontal; futuristic; of the future; progressive

3) adj. having the capacity for feeling; susceptible to external influences or agents; responsive; reactive; delicate; requiring special care or treatment; touchy; responding acutely to emotional stimuli; temperamental

4) adj. reasonable; probable; possible; appropriate; promising

5) adj. necessary; obligatory; commanding

6) adj. about to happen; imminent

7) adj. same in worth or value; same in importance; corresponding

8) adj. same; identical; able; capable

9) adj. overflowing; unreserved; unrestrained; exuberant

10) adj. filled with petrol, gas or another substance that produces energy

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