Lesson 269 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to take inventory; to make a detailed list of property; to summarize; to sum up the worth of

2) v. to explain; to clarify; to describe; to depict

3) v. to create a timetable; to enter into a timetable; to plan for a certain date

4) v. to impel forward; to guide the direction of something (i.e. car, animal, etc.); to travel in a car; to transport in a vehicle; to urge; to compel; to hit a ball very hard; to work towards a goal; to rush toward

5) v. to obtain; to protect; to defend; to fortify; to strengthen; to lock; to fasten

6) v. to request the presence of; to solicit; to request politely; to attract; to encourage; to provoke; to promote

7) v. to bargain; to deal; to arrange; to work out; to compromise; to clear or pass an obstacle

8) v. to expend money or effort for future benefits; to grant; to install; to cover; to authorize

9) v. to record; to order in advance; to inscribe; to indicate

10) v. to narrate; to tell; to make a connection between; to have a connection with; to have a good relationship with

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