Lesson 271 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. hug; act of wrapping one's arms around another person or thing

2) v. to stop a vehicle; to slow down a vehicle

3) v. to design; to plan (i.e. machinery, roads, etc.)

4) v. to find fault; to express displeasure; to protest

5) n. person skilled in a particular area; specialist

6) n. working, performance, handling; venture, undertaking; series of actions, procedure (e.g. mathematical operations); campaign; series of activities to achieve a goal (e.g. military operations); surgery

7) v. to blend; to be blended; to combine or unite into a single body; to be assimilated

8) n. supply; stock; act of supplying or furnishing; measure; means; food; condition; stipulation

9) v. to suggest indirectly; to hint; to infer; to mean; to import

10) adj. awful

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