Lesson 279 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. begging; attractive; interesting

2) adj. next after the first; alternate; other; additional; subordinate; having a lower rank

3) adj. fixed; unchanging; arranged; prepared; resolute; firmly resolved; determined in advance

4) adj. supplementary; auxiliary; secondary; lesser in importance; of or pertaining to a subsidy

5) adj. original; real; true; natural; honest; sincere

6) adj. identical; corresponding; in agreement; harmonious

7) adj. not mixed with anything; easy; uncomplicated; modest; unaffected; ordinary; plain; not elaborate; unadorned; stupid; dumb; not intelligent

8) adj. tasty; having a pleasant taste or smell

9) adj. excellent; wonderful; splendid; magnificent

10) adj. assorted; different; individual; several

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