Lesson 281 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. thin piece cut from a larger object; portion; share

2) n. number; image; form; character; price; human shape; impression; phrase; symbol

3) n. climb over rough terrain; struggle for possession; disorderly or chaotic proceeding

4) n. possibility; ability; capability of being; possible energy (Electricity)

5) n. act of repeating the words of another person; citation, passage taken from another source; reference; commercial offer; statement of price, offer of a price; price that has been stated or offered

6) n. increase in the supply of money in relation to the amount of goods available resulting in a rise in prices; act of filling with air or gas

7) n. tolerance; forbearance

8) n. nomenclature; specific vocabulary

9) n. direct or incidental reference; recognition of an achievement

10) n. harvesting machine

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