Lesson 283 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. competitor, opponent, contender

2) n. monetary or material worth; importance; merit; reasonable price; adequate return; numerical quantity; moral standards (generally used as 'values'); length of a musical note; shade of a color; intended sound of letter

3) n. extensive piece of land usually with a large house on it; person's property; wealth; possessions; status; social standing; rank

4) v. to work; to toil; to exert oneself; to work hard; to struggle (especially to attain a goal); to move heavily; to discuss or think about excessively

5) n. manner of doing business; behavior; distribution; giving out

6) adj. hygienic; clean; healthy; promoting hygiene or cleanliness; pertaining to cleanliness; pertaining to sanitation

7) v. to capture; to assume control

8) n. reason; purpose; principle; factor; basis for a legal case

9) v. to extricate; to remove; to evict; to oust; to expel

10) v. to record; to enroll; to enter into the official records; to have an effect; to have influence

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