Lesson 287 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. financial assistance

2) n. the act of transferring a property title from one person to another

3) n. division of a company; section; area; domain; government office; district

4) n. manual; guide; guideline; document containing instructions

5) n. state of being made better; something which enhances or improves; addition or change which adds value to something

6) n. ascent

7) n. characteristic; function; capability (of a product, machine, device, software etc.); prominent quality; facial structure; full-length film; attraction; regular column (in a newspaper); attribute; advantage

8) n. workers' association; federation; amalgamation; marriage; reproductive coupling; device which fits two pieces together

9) n. player positioned at the front of the offensive line (Sports)

10) n. concern; involvement in something; curiosity about something; affair; percentage on a loan which is paid over time; share; stake; claim; benefit

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