Lesson 289 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to stand in line; to make a row, to form a line (British)

2) v. to photograph; to paint; to draw; to describe; to depict

3) v. to explain; to clarify; to limit; to set boundaries

4) v. to consent; to concur; to suit; to have the same opinion; to fit

5) v. to support; to assist; to strengthen; to move backwards

6) v. to set up; to found; to base; to build

7) v. to presume to be true; to hypothesize; to believe; to think; to consider as a possibility

8) v. to enter

9) v. to load with goods; to load; to weigh down; to send as cargo

10) v. to instruct; to teach; to scold; to reprove; to rebuke

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