Lesson 291 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to produce via mechanical means; to create using a machine

2) v. to move to a different apartment; to move to a different place; to change the location of something

3) v. to involve; to affect; to worry; to interest; to relate to

4) v. to leaf through a book; to peruse a book; to surf Internet websites; to search the Internet for information; to read through websites

5) v. to check; to look over carefully and critically; to examine officially; to review

6) v. to cancel; to revoke

7) v. to finance; to supply with money; to allocate or set aside financial sums; to extend a short-term obligation

8) v. to put up; to accommodate someone; to stay; to reside; to dwell; to store; to shelter

9) v. to explain; to clarify; to elucidate; to translate from one language to another (orally); to understand or explain in a particular way; to translate from one language to another (orally)

10) v. to be concerned with; to look out for; to watch over; to like; to be fond of

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