Lesson 293 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to record for evidence; to write down; to provide with documentary evidence; to substantiate

2) adv. late; tardy

3) v. to couple; to be part one of a match; to mate; to form pairs

4) v. to rely on; to have confidence in; to believe in; to entrust in someone's care; to extend business credit

5) adj. hurt; wounded; insulted; offended; damaged

6) v. to make a request; to implement; to enforce; to realize; to put into practice; to embrace; to refer

7) adj. not true; counterfeit; deceitful; wrong; artificial; not faithful

8) adv. quickly; fast; swiftly

9) v. to give one thing in return for another; to replace one thing with another; to trade; to barter

10) n. substance; component; all that is inside of something

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