Lesson 295 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. adept; capable; fit; suitably skilled; well qualified; experienced

2) adj. little; few in number; not large; trivial; unimportant; modest; unpretentious; minor; young; narrow-minded; humiliated; weak; lacking force

3) adj. impossible tosee; imperceptible; hidden; concealed

4) adj. comprehensive; inclusive

5) adj. inclusive; of all things

6) adj. useful; used to present food or drink; providing assistance; repairing; performing maintenance tasks; per taining to the armed forces

7) adj. injurious; causing damage

8) adj. governmental; bureaucratic; majestic; dignified

9) adj. frank; candid; sincere; honest; simple; uncomplicated; travelling in a straight course

10) adj. serious; grave; acute; critical; difficult; rigorous; simple; plain; harsh; strict

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