Lesson 305 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) v. to warn; to notify of danger

2) v. to require; to be in distress; to be under hardship; to be obligated

3) v. to fasten with buttons; to be fastened with buttons

4) v. to climb; to ascend; to weigh; to do according to a particular ratio; to remove flakes or scales; to become covered in limescale; to change the size of something; to adjust the size of a picture; to resize a picture (Computers)

5) v. to attach; to connect; to unite; to combine; to be connected; to become a member; to meet up with

6) v. to go on; to keep doing something; to last; to perpetuate

7) v. to transmit document electronically; to send a fax

8) v. to sail; to move at a moderate speed; to travel; to coast; to drive along slowly

9) v. to organize; to settle; to structure; to establish; to set up; to order; to systematize

10) v. to dispute; to claim; to give reasons

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