Lesson 307 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. television or radio advertisement

2) n. profit from the difference between costs and net sales

3) n. income; return; gains; government income earned through taxation; government agency that collects tax monies; source of income

4) adj. active; attentive

5) n. influence; effect; colliding of two bodies; touch

6) v. to look on; to see; to observe; to testify; to vouch for; to corroborate; to be an eye-witness; to note; to notice

7) v. to confirm; to license; to authorize

8) adj. arranged in divisions; divisional; concerning an office

9) n. device used to destroy documents by cutting them into small strips or pieces

10) v. to stand up; to get into an upright position; to get out of bed; to climb; to ascend; to move upward; to revolt; to increase; to grow; to appear over the horizon; to come back to life; to return from the dead; to puff up; to swell; to begin in

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