Lesson 309 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. citation, passage taken from another source; commercial offer; quotation mark, punctuation mark used to enclose a direct citation

2) n. report of recent events; information about previously unknown facts; people or events that are currently of interest

3) n. judgement of an object's woth; appraisal; opinion; judgment

4) n. coach; buggy; railroad car; transportation; mechanism that prepares the next sheet of paper before it is fed into a printer (Computers); pedestal of a cannon; paper feeder in a typewriter; walking; manner of carrying oneself

5) n. person employed to deliver official dispatches or go on special errands

6) n. replacement; alteration; shift; coins; money received back after paying for goods

7) n. expertise; state of having expert skills; skillfulness; adeptness; masterfulness

8) n. ethic; lesson; principle

9) n. influence; abilility to affect or alter people or cirumstance; use of borrowed money to increase the return on an investment

10) n. a person who makes things out of wood such as furniture

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