Lesson 311 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. any of a number of long-winged birds characterized by their swift flight

2) n. newsreader; main broadcaster on a TV or radio program; heavy object placed in the wather in order to hold boats in place; source of security or stability; refuge; text used as the start or end of a hypertext link (Internet)

3) n. devotion to a certain habit; dependency

4) n. instrument that automatically measures quantities of substances (gas, water or electricity)

5) n. preconceived opinion; bias; sentence passed before proper examination of the circumstances

6) n. punctuation mark resembling a small dot placed at the end of a sentence; end; pause at end of a phrase; full sentence; age; era; season; lesson; length of time

7) n. agreement; pact; deal

8) n. display; show; public presentation of work or skills; trade fair

9) n. piece of soft material which cushions; block of pages stacked together and connected on one side; one's lodging (Slang); sanitary napkin; soft padded sections on the bottom of an animal's paw; sound of footsteps

10) n. surroundings; conditions in which someone or something lives

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