Lesson 315 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. person who lives in a particularplace; resident; tenant; occupant

2) v. to find the answer to; to explain

3) adv. unfavorably; in a manner that works against; for the worse; antagonisticially

4) n. instituation for saving and borrowing money; cashier; slope; mound

5) n. flammable liquied mixture derived from petroleum (used as fuel, etc.); gas; petrol (UK)

6) adj. penetrating; infiltrating; spreading; extending; permeating; suffusing

7) n. transgression; desecration; attack or disruption; rape

8) v. to take a small portion of something as a specimen; to determine the quality of something by testing a specimen

9) v. to prophesy; to foretell; to announce in advance

10) v. to approve; to verify; to ascertain

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