Lesson 323 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. cat (Slang); feline

2) adj. comfortable; useful; serviceable

3) v. to avoid; to escape; to shrink

4) v. to give on a temporary basis; to give money as a loan; to donate; to contribute; to give; to impart; to help; to support; to assist; to accommodate; to adapt

5) v. to encourage; to nuture; to promote; to raise; to care for

6) n. competition; equal opponent; partner; something similar; counterweight; game

7) n. termination; end

8) n. appeasement of a desire; gratification of a need; feeling of gratification; pleasure; contentment; compensation; remuneration; placation; appeasement; fulfillment

9) n. money gained; salary; wages; revenue; profit; income

10) n. area, territory; domain; field; area of activity or interest; sphere

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