Lesson 325 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. problem; challenge; hardship; trouble; something that is difficult

2) n. sign; indication; symbol; grade; stain; trace; scar; target; goal; standard of achievement

3) n. release; approval; washing

4) n. rematch; repetition

5) n. expenditure; pardon

6) n. diligence; tenacity; stubbornness; continuation

7) n. learning; field of learning; thorough investigation; report; analysis; room in which reading or studying is done

8) n. thing; object; article; news story; piece of information; scoop

9) n. act of going or coming back; act of giving back; reply; answer; profit; yield; repayment; return key; alternate name for the Enter key (Computers); ball that is hit or run back (Sports)

10) n. figure; form; reflection; picture; likeness; embodiment

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